ACFI Pain Management Audits

Allied health services are required to support the well being of all residents in aged care.

Naturally though, as an operator of an aged care facility, you need to know that your allied health service is not just a business cost, but a revenue driver.

Encara create successful partnerships with aged care providers by delivering continuity, reliability, outstanding clinical care and the best return on investment.

The modern aged care therapist does much more than write care plans. Through ACFI, we have a pathway to provide expert, exceptional hands on treatment for residents with chronic pain conditions. Identifying and managing pain in residential care can be tricky. Encara’s therapists are trained to perform detailed physical assessments identifying areas of ongoing clinical need where manual therapies and electrotherapy will be of assistance.

Our team of fully qualified professionals provide evidence based interventions to manage pain, optimise mobility and enhance quality of life.
To learn how Encara’s pain management program can assist not only your residents but your organisation, call now to book your free pain management audit.

Creating successful partnerships with aged care providers by delivering:

  • The best return on investment
  • Evidence based therapy by expertly trained professionals
  • Continuity of therapists
  • Continuous quality management
  • Exceptional after sales service.
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