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How is Encara Preparing for the new Standards?

Encara’s team of over 450 therapists have been working hard to ensure we’re ready when the new Aged Care Quality Standards come into place on 1 July, 2019. How do we quickly update knowledge and practice for a national team? Encara’s Online Learning Management System with customised training activities delivers nationwide training at the click […]

Are You One of the 43% Running at a Loss?

With a rise in aged care facilities reporting a loss, it’s worthwhile having a closer look at your pain management bill. Are you experiencing: Overprescription of Item 4b; Validation downgrades due to insufficient treatments and poor holiday back fill; Underfunding across the Activities of Daily Living Domain; and A lack of co-operation and integration between […]

Improving Financial Performance in Aged Care

Finally, 2018/19 sees an increase in the ACFI subsidy! With recent reports of up to 43% of aged care providers experiencing significant financial stress, this will be welcomed news across the industry. The changes are effective from 1 July 2018. Although increased subsidy rates are a win, the biggest efficiencies for struggling providers are delivered […]

Save on your training with Encara

Looking for a user friendly, versatile way to train your staff? Encara’s Online Learning Management System (LMS) delivers. Our LMS provides interactive training modules for your staff, which have been tailored to fit the aged care industry. Some of the modules available are:   Compliance: General evacuation training; Fire awareness and extinguisher training; Bullying and harassment […]

Flu Season Ahead – Encara’s Vaccination Procedure

It is believed that there are some 1,500-3,500 influenza-related deaths annually in Australia, with the elderly being particularly at risk. In addition to the loss of life, annual influenza outbreaks represent a significant healthcare burden and cost to industry and to the individual. A recent study found that annually in Australia, influenza:   Causes 18,000 […]

Need Savings? Encara Delivers!

It takes more than a good rate to deliver the best return! When you partner with Encara, you will enjoy the benefits of our Complex Health Care Optimisation and Uplift assessments free of charge. We will ensure your allied health spend is efficient and focused towards those with real clinical needs. In short, we support […]

Do You Deserve a Standing Ovation?

The Encara family is delivering expert allied health care services across the country, year round. We support those living with injury, illness, pain and disability to remain active and happy! Encara’s Standing Ovation is a an employee award initiative, designed to recognise outstanding effort, care and results. So what’s so good about getting a Standing […]

Need Allied Health? Take a Closer Look at Encara

Encara specialise in the provision of allied health services to the aged and community care sectors. The Encara family is working across the country to help people and improve lives. We do this by creating successful partnerships with aged and community care providers. So why should you consider partnering with Encara? Our key points of […]

We Never Stop Learning

Encara’s management team recently attended the Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) Congress on the Gold Coast. Some of the highlights were: A presentation and panel on the recent Living Longer Living Better (LLLB) review by David Tune AO; A breakfast with Richard Rosewarn of Applied Aged Care Solutions (the designer of ACFI) discussing his since […]