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Do You Deserve a Standing Ovation?

The Encara family is delivering expert allied health care services across the country, year round. We support those living with injury, illness, pain and disability to remain active and happy! Encara’s Standing Ovation is a an employee award initiative, designed to recognise outstanding effort, care and results. So what’s so good about getting a Standing […]

Need Allied Health? Take a Closer Look at Encara

Encara specialise in the provision of allied health services to the aged and community care sectors. The Encara family is working across the country to help people and improve lives. We do this by creating successful partnerships with aged and community care providers. So why should you consider partnering with Encara? Our key points of […]

We Never Stop Learning

Encara’s management team recently attended the Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) Congress on the Gold Coast. Some of the highlights were: A presentation and panel on the recent Living Longer Living Better (LLLB) review by David Tune AO; A breakfast with Richard Rosewarn of Applied Aged Care Solutions (the designer of ACFI) discussing his since […]

Take a Closer Look at Encara – LASA 2017

Visit Encara at booth 104 of LASA 2017. We will be talking allied health with aged and community care providers from across the country. We are keen to explore what a successful allied health partnership must deliver as we move into 2018. At Encara, we:   Boost YOUR return on investment from ACFI related services; Strive to […]

Meet Encara at LASA 2017!

  Encara is excited to be attending the 2017 LASA Congress on the Gold Coast again this year. LASA is Australia’s biggest aged service industry event attended by leaders and decision makers across the nation’s age services industry. Encara is a proud sponsor of this year’s Congress. We are onsite throughout the event in booth […]

Plantar Fasciitis – A Real Pain in the Heel!

A common pain in the foot for seniors! Plantar fasciitis is a condition of pain and damage to the connective tissue under your foot where it attaches to your heel. Most people experience this as a sharp burning pain under the heel as you get up to walk first thing in the morning. Not a […]

Knots and Trigger Point Pain Explained

What is a trigger point or “knot” in a muscle? A trigger point (also known as a knot, myofascial trigger point or contraction nodule) is a very irritable spot in your muscle that is associated with a hypersensitive nodule within a taut band of muscle. This spot can be painful on compression and can give […]

ITB Friction Syndrome (Lateral Knee Pain)

What is ITB friction syndrome? By Lauren Harms The iliotibial band (ITB) is a thick band of fibrous tissue which begins at the pelvis and runs down the outside of the thigh where it attaches into the shin bone (tibia) and also partly into the side of the knee cap (patella). The ITB acts to […]