The Encara Journey

We help people and improve lives, with a special focus on those living with injury, illness, pain or disability.

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Peter and Bradley both completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland. They became good mates throughout their degree and chatted about one day starting a business.

They both enjoyed a variety of clinical experiences after graduation but wanted to make a real difference in the aged and community care sectors. At the time, there was a shortage of caring therapists with a genuine enthusiasm for working in the sector.

Over a decade on and a lot has changed! Ever increasing numbers of highly skilled therapists are forging successful and fulfilling careers in the aged and community care space.

Peter and Bradley are especially proud that Encara offers progressive career opportunities to all members of our allied health and administrative teams.

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The years have flown by! Check out some Encara milestones below:

  • 2004
    The motivation for Encara grew from the founders’ experience in aged care and their insight that physiotherapy had much more to offer to improve residents’ quality of life and to support managers of aged care facilities.
  • 2008
    Originally trading as Queensland Aged Physiotherapy, Encara changed its name in 2008 to reflect its vision of becoming an encompassing source of care offering a range of allied health services.
  • 2009
    Encara established a new head office and a physiotherapy centre for private clients in Windsor, Brisbane.
  • 2014
    Encara breaks into the Sydney and Adelaide market.
  • 2015
    Encara strengthens our corporate profile by adding specialised recruitment and strategic marketing roles while breaking into the Melbourne and Perth markets. 
  • The Path Ahead...
    Encara has based its growth on creating successful, sustainable and long term partnerships with aged and community care providers. Our industry specific knowledge and responsive customer service has seen us partner with many of the country’s leading for profit and not-for-profit care providers.

    We believe that to offer great service, we must also be a great company to work for — a company that attracts, motivates and retains the very best practitioners and support staff.

    The future is bright for anyone joining the Encara family as we continue to grow our offering in the aged and community care sectors across Australia.