How is Encara Preparing for the new Standards?

Encara’s team of over 450 therapists have been working hard to ensure we’re ready when the new Aged Care Quality Standards come into place on 1 July, 2019.

How do we quickly update knowledge and practice for a national team?

Encara’s Online Learning Management System with customised training activities delivers nationwide training at the click of a mouse. We’re efficiently and quickly updating our knowledge and practice to suite the ever changing landscape of Australia’s aged and community care industry.


Our LMS supports continuous improvement, innovation and consistent clinical performance across our national team.


How can you benefit?

Encara’s highly trained allied health team delivers consistent clinical practice and caring customer service for aged care providers with multiple sites spread across a wide geographical area.


Our simple ACFI tools and reports combine to deliver the correct funding for each resident at the lowest possible cost.


Encara’s over 200 facilities benefit from therapist continuity thanks to our cloud based roster solution and procedures to keep your therapists at your sites.


Our unique training activities for aged care managers drive collaboration between ACFI teams and Encara’s therapists.

Let’s get on the same page to secure savings and deliver fantastic clinical services!


Save on allied health expenditure by partnering with Encara. Benefit from our unique systems to achieve the correct funding for each resident, at the lowest possible cost.

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