Save on your training with Encara

Looking for a user friendly, versatile way to train your staff? Encara’s Online Learning Management System (LMS) delivers.

Our LMS provides interactive training modules for your staff, which have been tailored to fit the aged care industry. Some of the modules available are:



  • General evacuation training;
  • Fire awareness and extinguisher training;
  • Bullying and harassment for employees; and
  • Bullying and harassment for managers and supervisors.


  • Preventing healthcare associated infections Part 1;
  • Preventing and management occupational violence in the Health Care setting;
  • Safe medication management;
  • Assist clients with medication; and
  • Identifying, reporting and responding to the abuse of older people in care.

Manual Handling:

  • Manual Tasks in Aged Care.


  • ACFI for Allied Health – An Introduction to the Aged Care Funding Instrument.

Staff can be grouped into different positions, and allocated various modules that are suitable for their roles! The modules are modern, interactive and can be completed on any device, at any location and at any time. Our LMS is flexible to add and remove staff when required making it easy to manage throughout business growth periods!

Encara’s ACFI training module is unique and exclusive to Encara – assist your staff to better understand the ins and outs of the ACFI today!


Don’t pay extra high fees for training – our LMS can be packaged into your physio and pain management program to deliver significant savings, and no messy billing structure!


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