Aged Care

Encara are aged care experts, operating for over 15 years creating successful partnerships with aged care providers.

Save With Encara!

Hundreds of providers choose Encara for their allied health and ACFI pain management services. Our key points of difference:

  • Save money with our unique ACFI systems!
  • Continuity of therapists supported with our roster system;
  • Compliance with ACFI, the Aged Care Quality Standards and the Aged Care Act;
  • Responsive customer service nationwide;
  • Personalised care for every resident; and
  • Cost effective manual handling competency training.

You’ll love your Encara team!

Encara are aged care experts. We’ve been operating for over 15 years. We create successful partnerships with aged care providers by delivering:

  • Consumer focused services that enhance the health and well being of your residents;
  • The correct ACFI funding for each resident at the lowest possible cost;
  • Unique ACFI systems to control your spend;
  • Highly trained therapists who know the ACFI and the Aged Care Quality Standards;
  • Industry leading rates for all services including manual handling competency training; and
  • Proven capability to support small and large aged care providers with national coverage.

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