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Secure big reductions in your allied health spend with Encara's ACFI to ANACC Transition We're working with aged care providers through the ANACC transition to simplify your weekly allied health hours to a set hours offering, incorporating enhanced RAC assessment and care planning to deliver targeted mobility branch DEMMI evidence for external ass...


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  • ACFI to ANACC – Solving the Allied Health Puzzle

    The transition from ACFI to ANACC is fast approaching. As a result, what is the future of allied health in aged care? (more…)...

  • Single Quality Framework

    We’ve been building awareness and understanding of the new Consumer Outcomes and look forward to supporting the transition to the new Aged Care Quality Standards with our clients across the country! Our therapists will continue to focus on: ...

  • Are You One of the 43% Running at a Loss?

    Are you experiencing: Overprescription of Item 4b; Validation downgrades due to insufficient treatments and poor holiday back fill; Underfunding across the Activities of Daily Living Domain; and A lack of co-operation and integration be...


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