Save with Encara | ACFI to ANACC – A Wellness Approach

Save with Encara | ACFI to ANACC – A Wellness Approach

27 July, 2022

Secure big reductions in your allied health spend with Encara’s ACFI to ANACC Transition

We’re working with aged care providers through the ANACC transition to simplify your weekly allied health hours to a set hours offering, incorporating enhanced RAC assessment and care planning to deliver targeted mobility branch DEMMI evidence for external assessors. Encara’s evidence based Wellness Program can replace ACFI pain management services.

A study completed by the University of Adelaide found that “aged care residents who move more and interact with their environment are more likely to live longer, have fewer falls and have a higher quality of life”.

“Conditions such as frailty, loss of muscle mass and malnutrition were found to have a negative impact on residents’ movement, however, there is evidence to suggest that these conditions can be managed through promoting physical activity”.

Encara’s Wellness Program supports your residents to stay active, and supports the transition to ANACC!

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