ACFI to ANACC – Solving the Allied Health Puzzle

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Bradley Packer


16 May, 2022

The transition from ACFI to ANACC is fast approaching. As a result, what is the future of allied health in aged care?

Firstly, Encara is enthusiastic about the change. So, let’s explore some common questions together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There is no allied health funding in ANACC. So, what does that mean for allied health services?
You have an opportunity to redesign your therapy offering. Key opportunities include:
1. Lowering your allied health spend. Save with Encara!
2. Replace ACFI pain management with Encara’s industry leading wellness program to exceed your Specified Care and Services responsibilities.

How should we structure the allied health offering once ACFI is finished?
Encara’s service package covers all allied health skills from Physiotherapy to Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Speech Pathology and Podiatry.

Post ACFI, we recommend:
1. Encara’s industry leading Wellness Program. Achieve improved Personal Wellbeing Index scores, improved balance scores and reduced falls!
2. Competency based manual handling training – No extra high fees for training;
3. Assessments and care plans – Respond to the changing needs, goals and preferences of your residents fast; and
4. Enhanced assessment procedures for ANACC. Support external assessors to get it right at your site!

How will you help manage the expectations of our residents and families through the transition?
No two aged care sites are the same. Call 1300 761 965 or email to book a meeting with us today. We’ll create a plan for happy residents, happy families and a great star rating!

Is Encara the best allied health partner for the future under ANACC and why?


Encara’s Key Points of Difference:
1. Encara is unique. Operating for 20 years and still 100% owned and operated by qualified physiotherapists Peter O’Brien and Bradley Packer;
2. ANACC Expertise: ‘Off the shelf’ systems and skills to support external assessors to get it right at your site!; and
3. Encara’s Wellness Program: Enhanced therapy for aged care residents across Australia.

We’d love to help you transition to ANACC this year. 

Want to create your transition plan? Contact us on 1300 761 965 or fill out the form below!

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