Are You One of the 43% Running at a Loss?

With a rise in aged care facilities reporting a loss, it’s worthwhile having a closer look at your pain management bill.

Bradley Packer


1 October, 2018

Are you experiencing:

  • Overprescription of Item 4b;
  • Validation downgrades due to insufficient treatments and poor holiday back fill;
  • Underfunding across the Activities of Daily Living Domain; and
  • A lack of co-operation and integration between the allied health team and the ACFI teams.

How can Encara help?

  • Contact us to request a quote for the provision of allied health and pain management services.
  • Are you out of contract and open to changing to Encara?
    • Yes? Contact us to book in a free audit and detailed quote for cost comparison.

The lowest rates for pain management are just the beginning. Did you know:

  • Your allied health team must support ADL funding as well as CHC funding. Does your allied health team know how?
  • Your ACFI team must have control of all pain management admissions. Do you have control?
  • Your ACFI team should benefit from simple learning activities to understand how allied health can boost ADL and CHC funding. Does your allied health provider give you this support?
  • Encara’s unique invoice reporting system provides detailed spend data and opportunities for cost savings.

If you’d like to know more about how Encara can support your site’s funding, contact us on 1300 761 965 or fill out the form below!


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