Improving Financial Performance in Aged Care

Finally, 2018/19 sees an increase in the ACFI subsidy!

Bradley Packer


18 July, 2018

With recent reports of up to 43% of aged care providers experiencing significant financial stress, this will be welcomed news across the industry. The changes are effective from 1 July 2018.

Although increased subsidy rates are a win, the biggest efficiencies for struggling providers are delivered through achieving the correct ACFI funding for each resident you care for, at the lowest possible cost.

Your allied health team should be actively supporting these outcomes by:

  1. Providing evidence to secure accurate ADL claiming; and
  2. Preventing unnecessary overprescription of the “Rolls Royce” Item 4b pain management program.
Do you need more from your allied health team? Are you spending too much on pain management? Click here to see the new subsidy rates!


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