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Encara specialise in the provision of allied health services to the aged and community care sectors.

Bradley Packer


15 October, 2017

The Encara family is working across the country to help people and improve lives. We do this by creating successful partnerships with aged and community care providers.

So why should you consider partnering with Encara?

Our key points of difference:

  • We understand that therapist continuity boosts your customer and care experience;
  • We are ACFI experts that assist you to secure the correct funding for each resident at the lowest possible cost; and
  • We are efficient, with industry leading pricing to boost your return on investment from allied health services.

Is your allied health partner struggling with the pace of change across aged care? Do you have:

  • Inadequate record of therapy treatments impacting your validation results;
  • Inadequate and inaccurate musculoskeletal assessments that are not congruent with resident needs and impacting on your Activities of Daily Living claims;
  • Constant swapping of staff or failure to back fill leave; and
  • Over prescription of expensive item 4b pain management programs?

Encara can help!

Encara work with many of the country’s leading for profit and not-for-profit aged care providers.

If you would like to see how Encara can support your site, call 1300 761 965 to set a meeting today or fill out the form below!


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