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It takes more than a good rate to deliver the best return!

Bradley Packer


27 February, 2018

When you partner with Encara, you will enjoy the benefits of our Complex Health Care Optimisation and Uplift assessments free of charge. We will ensure your allied health spend is efficient and focused towards those with real clinical needs.

In short, we support the correct ACFI funding for each resident at the lowest possible cost.

Encara’s simple and unique visual tools deliver outstanding results!

  • Are you experiencing a high proportional uptake of Question 12 Item 4b within your sites?
  • Are you experiencing inconsistent results across different locations in your group?
  • Is your return on investment bottoming out?

Encara’s simple visual ACFI tools are loved by organisations of all sizes across the country. From large, multi facility providers to small, stand alone sites.

We will assist your team to make efficient and clinically sound decisions everyday. Our unique reporting system delivers transparency on the results.

Call us on 1800 761 965 or complete the form below. We’d love to meet at your convenience.


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