Take a Closer Look at Encara – LASA 2017

Bradley Packer


13 October, 2017

Visit Encara at booth 104 of LASA 2017.

We will be talking allied health with aged and community care providers from across the country.

We are keen to explore what a successful allied health partnership must deliver as we move into 2018. At Encara, we:

  • Boost YOUR return on investment from ACFI related services;

  • Strive to deliver therapist continuity; 

  • Keep pace with ACFI and other industry changes; and

  • Expertly manage manual handling and falls related risk across your sites.

The Encara family:

  • 100% owned and operated by qualified allied health professionals;

  • Responsive, caring industry experts; and

  • 14 years of continuous care, growth and success.

Take a closer look at Encara. Visit booth 104 at LASA 2017

If you’re not at LASA, contact us on the form below or call us on 1300 761 965!


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